Hero Bot (Disco) using Competition Super Kit

Hi everyone,

Sorry if this has been addressed in the past. Is it possible to build the Hero Bot (Disco) using the parts from the competition super kit? I guess I assumed that the super kit would have all the parts as the starter kit, but that’s clearly not the case. Is there a robot template out there that uses the super kit?

Thank you!

The pre-designed trainers (the so-called hero bots) are really intended for novice teams to get started, thus they are designed to be built from the starter kit, with no metal cutting or bending, etc. The competition superkit, on the other hand, is a selection of parts more appropriate for a competition team.

In our organization, we keep a couple starter kits on hand for new roboteers who need to build a trainer or two before designing their real competition bot, but after that. We only buy superkits. If your organization is big enough (multiple teams and growing), you might want to invest in a starter kit to be able to build the trainers easily; otherwise, you can but the missing parts a la carte, but there’s no discounting like in the kit.


Yep, need Competition kit.

But read all the little add on instructions, you will want some extra parts. Having these parts will make your roboteers life much easier.

Good luck with your season.