"Hero" Disco Bot Add-ons

Quick Question, what could we use to fling the discs from the belt? This is for the spin-up. Is there a recommended way to do this? Do we need to add another bot on top?

Pretty sure I’ve seen teams just add a flywheel to one of the top corners of the robot right after the conveyer belt. This should work and be easy to implement for your team :slight_smile:


I’ll look into that. w

Isn’t the intake plate a bit heavy for the robot?

Maybe if we put some sort of counter weight on the other side? (to prevent it from tipping?)

that would be the flywheel and other mechanisms like expansion that would balance the weight out. but if you have something heavy on one side and heavy on another side, wouldn’t it make the entire robot mass heavy and add more pressure to the motors?

So maybe not the flywheel. The motors we are using are pretty old.

Well you could use an aluminum bar or rubber slapper mechanism on a 30* upwards tilt or just a flywheel. (Take this with a grain of salt cuz im in IQ and I don’t know what parts you have at your disposal)