Hex Nuts

what do the hex nuts do? on the products list it says they are “non-locking”. i haven’t seem a picture of one, so what do they do?

The only real difference appears to be the price tag. Maybe they’re a cheaper alternative.

lol…but i don’t want to order a pack and have it turn out to be something i don’t want. they only sell it 100 packs too, so if they were the wrong thing then i would lose a lot of money. ( $1.95 USD lol)

Hex nuts are most likely the same thing as the keps nuts without the locking washer that is attached.

Hex Nuts are just plain nuts. No lock washer. No nylon locking insert. Just a plain threaded nut.

Similar to:

You would have to literally, be nuts to use them on a Robot. Too Much Vibration for them to stay secured

(pun intended)

Or am I just staying up too late and not thinking clearly??

Well you are staying up late 2:20AM I’m a college student and I say that’s pushing it… Anyways we accidentally had these ordered once, you can use them however you have to use 2 at a time to make sure that they won’t vibrate off. Even then I wouldn’t suggest it unless you are really strapped for cash.

Your on Eastern Time, I’m on Pacific Time. It is not even time for Jay Leno or David Letterman here (yet).

Using two together (Like a Jam Nut), should work OK…

Ah ok so you weren’t up that late.

so then what’s the point? it costs only about $1 more to buy keps or lock nuts.

i guess just to give people another alternative. personally, i always use keps nuts, only sometimes lock nuts in an especially vibration prone area.