Hex screw tools

One of my “go to” tools is the high torque hex tools (*). They are very good at getting the screws that are stuck out of a robot.

They can be found here McMaster High Torque hex keys. I recommend getting a set then hiding them. Let your fellow roboteers strip the screws with the standard hex tools then use your high torque to “pop” them off the robot (and then throw the screw away). Constant use of these tools will also strip the screw heads, but then it’s grinder time.

(*) The other go to tool is the Leatherman Micra. While I never lend my hex tools (see stripping above) I have loaned my Micra. And across the last three years have “lost” about 10 of them.

Great product, great price – thanks! We’re about ready to stock up on hex keys and paid twice that for lower quality tools at OSH around ($7 for a 10-pack, which sounded good at the time).