Hexbug Boxer and Offroad Truck -- Details about the brains

Does anyone have info about the control and the companion motors? Same siize? Same connectors? Any chance of crossing over?

I’d like to get the boxers as a build example. But at some point I’d want to do the VIQ brain.

Bumping this up to see if anyone has info about the boxer and the Offroad truck. Any fans here own these and can talk about them?

No hands-on experience, but both the motors and the brain look very unique to the boxers, so I am afraid these are single-purpose toys. Other kits in the hexbug line (like the spider) have different motor connectors and a limited, dip-switch “programmable” brain that include batteries - the instructions for the boxer show slot-like connectors and dedicated battery box. The truck brain and motors appear the same though, which might be your interest.
Either way, nothing is electrically compatible with IQ - the motors are simple 2-wire DC motors, no encoders (so the truck has to provide a potentiometer-based analog sensor for the steering motor) and smaller than IQ motors…

I should receive the offroad truck tomorrow. Build Manual:

I’ve adapted most of the Hexbug kinetic ball machines to Vex IQ brains, motors and sensors, fairly easily. Have to switch them all though, no simple interconnect. The truck looks a bit more fun.

Boxer build manual:

Looks interesting. Never got that Vex IQ Segway build tuned to balance without oscillation…

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This looks so cool! Going to get hold of one to convert to IQ.

Which, truck or boxer? If truck, I can’t start soon, but whoever converts first shows in

I was thinking the truck. Will definitely post when done.

@Foster and @rhowbot Here is a comparison of the truck motors and “brain”. The brain is 2 part, the actual controller part goes in the cockpit and the battery box goes on the back under the spare wheel. The footprint is the same size as an IQ brain but the depth will mean there needs to be some rework to make it fit. The IQ motors should easily swap in for the drive motors. The steering uses one of the same motors with a little potentiometer module clipped underneath which makes it taller than a normal IQ motor so I don’t see any problem dropping one in there with a few tweaks.
The truck motors do have mounting holes on the back which are used but should be easy enough to work around without using the IQ rear motor mount add on.
Will build it up over the weekend.


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Cool, I can’t wait to see it. Hagley Maker Fest I’m doing a demo at the Maker Fest (the picture is from last year). If the truck works out for you, I’ll build one for the event.