Hexbug Build Blitz

We bought the Hexbug Build Blitz kit for my 7 year old.
He built a pincher and a raptor so far. Able to control the robot from a smartphone app Vex Pilot.

Where can we go next. He is at intermediate level with Blockly programming.

Can he start coding that can be programmed for the robots he is building instead of controlling them by the smartphone app “Vex Pilot”

Also, what is the next level recommendation once he builds these robots.

Appreciate any guidance.


I’m not sure about the coding part but the next step might be vex iq it uses Lego like pieces to build robots. Of there is a team in your area you could enroll him/her. Vex iq uses teamwork to score points.


IQ is meant for 5-8 graders though. A 7 year old would be probably in 2nd or 3rd grade. Vex 123 is in that range I think, but Vex 123 is very very new right now.

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It may be concerning but I have seen kids that young at vex iq comps

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a 7 year old should be able to handle vex iq tbh.


Hi @J_L welcome to the forum

My grand munchkin and I like the Build Blitz, I think some of it is all the color of the parts.

Sadly you can’t program the brain, you have two choices.

  1. Get a VEXIQ kit. (https://www.vexrobotics.com/228-2500.html)
    The brain is powerful, you have multiple ways to program it. If you 7 year old has a good grasp of Blockly then the transition to the Robotmesh (https://www.robotmesh.com/) blockly will be a snap.
  2. Wait until the VEX GO (https://www.vexrobotics.com/vexgo) platform comes out and get that. More color parts, but the brain is less than the VEXIQ. Should be at a lower price point.

In either case the motors and brains for you Build Blizt won’t work, it’s a different set of devices. But all the plastic parts from BB will work. So they will be able to make some more advanced robots and creations.

If you want to go VEXIQ, I’d recommend getting the full kit. If you look at the pricing of the brain, motors and some sensors as a stand alone vs the full kit, it’s like getting the plastic parts for free.

Question for you. I work with 3rd graders and they struggle with some assembly and really struggle with the pins on disassembly due to some dexterity but mostly finger strength. How does your roboteer make out? What build things have you done to make it go easier?


Thank you, Foster.
I don’t understand what it means by these terms powerful brain (is it the processing power/speed etc), need to check.

My son is actually skinny built and doesn’t look very robust (physically). Even I am surprised that he picked up dexterity and finger strength. Hardly two times he came up to me to disaassemble so far. I think it is sheer interest. All we did is just buying the kit. He picked his robots to build.

Hi @J_L

By powerful I mean that the build blitz only do a few motors. The VEXIQ brain has 12 ports, so you can do a pretty amazing combination of motors and sensors. It also has an LED screen that you (or your son) can display information.

Good luck with your set, at some point the build to spec stops and what I call the “frankenmash” starts, post pictures of those creations, we all love to see them!

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Playing up one or two grades can be a good thing because you get a lot more experience than most people. I started doing edr in 4th grade and I didn’t do a lot and I was pretty dumb but that experience helped me a lot.

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