HexBug Vex IQ Parts Availability?


Just wondering, since the mechanical/structural components from HexBug Vex IQ product line are allowed for competition robots, any chance some of these would be available to purchase as add-on packs. Some items of note are:
228-3201-066 – 1.5x Standoff
228-3201-136 – 2x2 Connector
228-3201-137 – 3x2 Connector
228-3616-246 – 1x4/23t Gear Arm
228-3616-197 – Turntable Bushing
228-3616-196 – Turntable Housing

Would be nice to have these parts in the base colour or all the other standard colours.

Best regards,


Hi Rafal,

Thanks for the great feedback! Several of the new kits that we created in 2015, such as the 24 & 48 Tooth Gear Packs, were parts that were previously only available in the HEXBUG toy kits but were added to VEX IQ after requests from users.

We’ve added these parts to our list of potential future add-on packs to consider for VEX IQ.


  • Art

Hello Art,

Thank you for taking the time to answer my question. Hopefully we get enough interested in some of these HexBug parts that we see them in future add-on packs. Particularly the 1.5x Standoff. :slight_smile:

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Just chiming in on another of your good ideas…
I called and spoke to someone named Chad at Vex about this exact topic over the summer. The official reply on purchasing unique items was that the kits were too new. Perhaps in time we will see more of these parts. (I hope!) I currently own a few of the Hexbug Kits and love the new parts, but there are not enough of them in a single kit to really create. As such, I will keep my eye on the Vex IQ site for a future release.