What do you think of using the hex bug as a fundraiser? I think its kind of stupid inless your school is big on robotics, personally i find its a cool product but for fundraising i dont think you’d get anywhere

Ive never done it but it might be kind of hard selling one by one.
Oh and whats the profit on them

you sell them for 10 dollars each and i think you get either $5 or $5.50 dollars per bug

Thats not a whole lot, I know it is if you sold alot it would but most teams dont have the time to sell alot of them.

[FONT=“Comic Sans MS”]What’s going on with fundraising using the Hexbugs?[/FONT]

you order cases of hexbugs from innovation first and sell them to friends and familly for $10 each, you get 50-55% of the profit

You can see more information in this thread

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