Hey can anybody help us on how to build the shooting mechanism

hey do you mind if somebody could send a video on how to build the shooting mechanism help really appreciated thank you so much but the vid has to be about the slapshot but the vex iq one thx

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Hey can anybody help us on how to build the shooting mechanism with a video or instructions please thank you vex iq slapshot please this is very helpful please we will not be able to participate withouth the slapshot so thx

String Shooter Tutorial


Here is a great resource on shooting mechanisms.

Also this is not programming support, so tags need to be changed


I saw the link. I still clicked it. there’s not a thought behind it and I am mad.


i agree with you that was a stupid move by the guy

Well, I’m glad to know there’s no character limit on titles.


yeah but do you know hot to build it pleaase

can i banned the guy from my posts

go to YouTube.

look up “vex iq slapshot shooting mechanism”


good point thx for your help i have trust and respect in you

orrr you could just try making it yourself…


remember, no one will just hand you a shooting mechanism.

try looking at examples, then, let innovation be your best friend


man u are very smart thank you so much u are the best ginger

in the vex forums there’s a joke about a guy named masanator robloxxer. He begged for instructions on how to build something and everyone got mad at him because it’s toxic to do so.

Generally, what you do is show what you’ve tried to do, and then say “look I got no clue does anyone have any help”, and someone will most likely help you.

Also, when you give a title longer than my last rhetorical essay in AP English, it doesn’t exactly make you look mature. I’d suggest changing it from hey-can-anybody-help-us-on-how-to-build-the-shooting-mechanism-with-a-video-or-instructions-please-thank-you-vex-iq-slapshot-please-this-is-very-helpful-please-do-not-rick-roll-like-9motor-gang

Lastly this topic is posted in vexcode pro, which is completely unrelated to what you’re asking about here.


my bad chill thank you for the info though

im not mad at u but it was pretty funny 9motorgang jjust next time actually send the link

please somebody post a vid on how to do the vex iq slapshot much appreciated

here, I made on a while back

slapshot shooter tutorial for ISArobotics


let me guess you got rick rolled

Welcome to the forums. Let me be one of the many people to kindly tell you: no one is going to give you a video tutorial on here. This because the whole point of VEX is to innovate. So please take your time gathering ideas from YouTube and possibly other posts on here, and come back with specific questions, please. Examples of a specific question we’d be happy to answer: How do we reduce friction on our flywheel? OR How do we make our catapult more powerful?