Hey can anybody help us on how to build the shooting mechanism


Here’s an actual very simple one. not hard to interpret nor innovate on.


thank you so much the rick roll was funny but I really need help finding it sorry about the message thx

Did you see the link @ginger5842Z posted? Hint: It’s not a rick roll.


o yes this time it wasn’t thank you

OK, we need to straighten some things up here.

First of all, @ISArobotics your posts are looking rather spammy, please rethink before posting. Remember this is a public forum, please follow proper internet etiquette.

Secondly, it’s highly unlikely that you are going to find exact instructions for a mechanism on the forums, other than the hero bot, of course. I’m not forgetting Harvard-Westlake and Connor Howard, however.
To solve your problem I would suggest doing some research as to how these thse things work. Seeing others in action can help clear things up.
Having done that, you can design your own.

Though the forum is a place to help you, we can’t always give you direct answers. Sometimes its a better decision to give you some aid in finding your answers yourself.


thank you guys so much i figured out the solution

If you are looking for vex iq shooters, @RedFlagZ_Robotics youtube channel has some good ones

shameless plug heeeheee

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You can build a 25:1 gear box then add a wheel build two of them then put where you need it to be on the robot

Put the wheel on the small gear

Do that if you are do VRC

he has found the solution like his post nso he can get badges please thx

no need to like my post. I’m glad you found the solution :smiley:

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