Hey, GDC, I'd love to play this game!

Thread to be proactive for new games. Some years the games have not gone over well, some have gone over great. Feel free to add to this thread a game that you think could be a decent VRC game.


  1. Needs to use the stock 12’ field, be mindful if where the holes are in the field. Nobody is drilling more holes.
  2. Need to keep the full field element cost to <$400
  3. Needs to be playable by a clawbot – they need to be able to score a few points
  4. Need to follow all of the current safety rules (so no, we can’t play Dragon-fire where two teams have ceramic dragons with temp gauges on them. Goal is to burn your opponents dragon and have the temp gauge exceed “dragon death” range. Defensive robots can cool their dragon down with CO2 cans. Which is super cool, I’d love to see that, but super dangerous)
  5. Max of 50 game elements, and placement of the elements is quick so field reset goes fast.
  6. Field perimeter, tiles and assembled game elements fit in the back of a Nissan Cube. Because transport is a pain and taking things apart to move them is a huge deal.
  7. Need to be able to associate a smaller game for VEXIQ (this years VEXIQ game also is moving big cubes around.

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