Hey guys, I need some help identifying a part

Hey, my team is trying to use these 6 inch “wheels” but we’ve never seen them before, we are not sure if they are even Vex V5, or if they are discontinued ( btw, is it legal to use discontinued parts???) anybody out there know what these are called? I’ve searched the Vex web…but nothing comes up so…

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They are legal but discontinued. 276-2218


These are 6" Wheel Legs (276-2218). They were discontinued awhile back, but because they are still listed on the VEX Website, they are still legal for competition use if you can get your hands on them (per rule R6).


Interestingly, rule R6 (c), which allowed for the use of discontinued parts in previous seasons, is missing from the current game manual. There is some new wording to discontinue old vexplorer parts added this year.


I think if it has the V5 label on the part on the website, it is supposed to be legal for competition?


I guess that makes sense…so even though it is discontinued, as long as it is listed on the V5 “wheels” page, it remains legal. But if it is dropped from the page in a year or two, it would then become illegal.