hey guys

Hey guys alex here, i posted awhile back,(dunno if yall remember me) i asked some questions about starting out and now i actally have time to start my square bot, im going to post some pictures some how and show u guys what ive done, maybe get some feed back, im following the instructions from the manual , sence this is my 1st robot, and hopefully tommorow ill show u guys what ive done.

I’m looking forward to making crazy awesome robots and exchanging and aquiring new ideas with yall, cya alex chinchilla.

Good Luck

though im not new to vex, im new to the forums like you.
hope your squarebot comes out nicely!
also, please don’t swear. thank you! :wink:

yes agreed with above…please dont swear

but i hope your vex projects go well…remember to check the gallery for inspiration