Hey I need a Micro controller..... BABY!

Hey Vex community, I’m in despreate need of a micro controller. I can afford one from vexlabs but id perfer buying somthing a lil cheaper. Is anyone wanting to sell or get rid of their’s. I will happlie buy it if you can prove to that it is basically working. You name the price i show the money. Thanks again DREAD.

check ebay once in awhile. i know that i would like another controller… mine has a tendency to not turn on, no matter what batteries i use.

well, if you do not need the programming or sensor ability, buy the vex signal splitter. it has ports for 6 motors, and only costs 20$

Any micro controller with PWM ports will work or at least it should work… BABY!

NAH My robot has some serious programming and my MC just wont work like it says the battery pluged into it is dead and even when im positvie it isnt.
So im just looking to buy a used working one or just one.

Since Vex has a PIC18F (and old versions 16F), I suggest finding one of those microcontrollers. However the code will not transfer between the two systems because Vex controllers have two microchips and you won’t be able to copy their system.

However, if you have want to learn about microcontrollers, feel free to browse at futurelec 's selection http://www.futurlec.com/PIC18F8722_Controller.shtml

wow, that sounds a lot like what seems to be wrong with mine…

When you flip the switch to the “on” position does it feel like it fully engages? (i.e. does it “click” into place?)


when i flip the switch all i get out of it usally is the light where it should be green is red and it dosent just suddenly turn red but instead it slowly turns from dim to red.

Befor all this iv never broke it or anything but one day it didnt start at all and i waited a little and then it suddenly turned back to life. i Usally had to wait about 5 minutes befor it turnd on. Also i know that the battery is full beacuse i had plug the battery in one of my clubs robots after chargeing it and it said it was fine.

Can you help me?

Check you batteries.

I think i have done that i have used all of my clubs batteries and they were all working on the robots they built and everything was fine but soon as i plug it into mine nothing works. So I positive it not the batteries i think i has to do with the controller internaly.

Try emailing support@VEXrobotics.com for technical assistance.