Hey, It's Connor! Livestream

Hello, Y’all!
I just want to say that I am extremely grateful to have been hosting livestreams for the TVACast. After around a year of hosting streams for such an amazing opportunity to collaborate, I believe that it’s time to move on and retire from hosting the TVACast. I will not know if the TVACast will continue, but I believe it is time to move on. I have always wanted to make my own livestream, representing myself. And for this reason, I would like to host my own. I want to have a livestream that I can discuss my own opinions and beliefs regarding VEX and everything else. I want to have a livestream that 50% of the time I can discuss VEX and 50% of the time enjoy the community as myself, and for that reason I would like to introduce my own, “Hey, It’s Connor!” In the stream, I will livestream myself and discuss with the community about specific beliefs, and potentially encourage teams to “think outside the box” and be unique with designs. I want to introduce a new point of view, and I want to make my own inputs in VEX. And for this reason, I would like to go on my own and livestream for myself. For convenience, I will be hosting every Saturdays at 8PM CST, and I hope you all tune in. I will also have room for occasional guests (1-2) and be able to develop one-on-one conversations with people in a manner that it allows everyone to speak and give their own inputs. I will be following a pattern of First week being VEX, and second week being video games and socialization (I will put what I will be doing during the stream). This will repeat continuously until I graduate. I hope this change is for the greater good, and I wish you all a happy 2019 year!

This is a great idea! You can stray off-topic, and not have anyone to answer to for it. I’ll miss you on TVACast, but I’ll be watching at least some of your personal streams.

Thank you! :smiley: I hope you enjoy it :smiley:
The stream will be live in 1 hour 30 minutes…

I am now live!