Hi want to make dump truck ,how?

Is it possible to buy dumb toy truck ,and add engines to make 4wd,then sensor under to see is it loaded then some communication with controll tower that will controll it , proxy sensor to see when is near dump/unload//load area , where to start ?
What kind sensors to use ? What kind communications to use ? Sry for all these q but i’m noob and want to learn on tough project
Thansk for help


first off, what construction system are you using? is it vex iq, vex edr, or some other system?


I would assume IQ as it is categorized as such.



Iq is the the first category, so things are often miscategorized as iq.


laughs in #website-forum-support


Iq i wasnt buy anything yet , looking what will the most easy solution to achieve what i want

VEX makes a offroad truck that may suit your needs and then you can put the IQ brain into it

The current VEX Brain/etc will be expensive

As will the current V5 system.

There is currently a glut on the market of working Cortex systems and motors that you might want to think about.

Here is an IQ one I made years ago.


Wish my autonomous worked that smoothly

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it moves very slow, which make it very accurate, so don’t feel bad about your autonomous

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That’s absolutely amazing! I could barely make a motor spin when I was in IQ lol

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I’m an adult mentor and at that time I worked for a VEX reseller.

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Cortex ? Can u give some links to look it up ?
Some ppl say esp32 or cortex on audrino is easier bu i’m not programer so ??

Your big problem is the mechanical parts.

The VEX cortex system https://www.vexrobotics.com/276-2194.html is pretty powerful, about 5-7 times more than a stock Arduino. What makes it nice is that it has the motor driver boards built into it. It supports using these motors and controllers: (https://www.vexrobotics.com/motors.html) but that motor / controller option could also be used with an Arduino.

You’ll need to see how you want to interface the motors to your dump truck to help in your next decisions.

So i cant use normal servos from rc planes with that cortex setup ?
What u mean interface for motors ?
I cant just cut main axis and add motor in middle to get powered line ?

I am pretty sure you could use standard servos with the Cortex. Motor ports 2-9 would work fine as they are PWM output and have a 7.2V supply rail. Servo commands from ROBOTC should work.

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What kind sensor to use that will measure loaded weight ? So i can add when full go back to base or start point

Accurately measure or just detect something is there? A simple switch for the latter, a force sensitive resistor for the former.

Ide is to make auto mode set base area send him to dig sand when full unload ,and all over again