Hi, we need help with digital output for pneumatics

hi, the problem we have is related with the pneumatics logic, we couldn´t get a correct sintaxis on the vex code v5, and can´t call the 3 wire port of the piston on the code like digital output, any help on any way is welcome!

english isn´t my mother tongue, thanks

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Welcome to the forum!

For us to help you, we need a little more information.

Can you send the code you have right now?


the problem is on the robot-config file, we need to find the sintaxis to call the digital output
do you have code of pneumatics?, it will be useful
thanks for the hospitality <3

If you are configuring things through the graphical devices menu, there is an option “digitalout” under “3-wire”.

If you have “Expert Robot Configuration” turned on, and are editing robot-config.h manually, the syntax to initialize a digital out is:

digital_out myDigitalOut(Brain.ThreeWirePort.A);

(replace A with whatever port you’re’ actually using)


here is my robot-config file, underlined in red is the pneumatic configuration.
“Pneumatic” is just the name of the digital out we chose

and using it in code is simple: image

these are just functions to push and pull back the pneumatic


do you use controls configurations on pneumatics?

thanks <3<3<3<3<3<3<3

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Side note: your English is great. Let me catch a detail: “sintaxis” becomes “syntax” in English. If you ever do experience difficulties in translation during a conversation, you can include how you would say it in your first language, and we can explore translation in google or similar. I had a productive conversation with a user whose first language is Spanish this way a few months ago.

Nota al margen: tu inglés es genial. Permítanme darles un detalle: “syntax” se convierte en “syntax” en inglés. Si alguna vez experimenta dificultades de traducción durante una conversación, puede incluir cómo lo diría en su primer idioma y podemos explorar la traducción en Google o similar. Tuve una conversación productiva con un usuario cuyo primer idioma es el español de esta manera hace unos meses.


Presiono las flechas de intercambio varias veces hasta que las traducciones dejan de cambiar. De esa manera puedo estar bastante seguro de que funcionó bien.