Hi, we're team 1200E Ironic Mechtronics!

Hey guys, just wanted to say hi and tell you a little about our team. We’re new, but all of our members were on an 8th grade team last year. If you have ever been at a competition with team 1200 Syntax Error, we are litterally the little brothers of that team. We will be at the Rolling Meadows competition in a few weeks along with the competition at St. Mary Central and Xavier high schools in WI.

Our bot is still a work in progress, but we will definitely be ready for Rolling Meadows. We are all really dedicated and put quite a bit of time into VEX.

I will try to get some pics and vids on here soon so you guys can get a look, but I just wanted everyone to know who we are and where we are going. See ya guys around! :slight_smile:

See ya there! :smiley:

which one? what team are you on?

sry bout that…still getting used to the site…I didn’t bother to look at your profile:o

Wow, Syntax Error. They’re the team that first beat me way back in 2007. None of the members on Syntax Error could possibly still be on the team now (>4 years ago) so I don’t know how well you guys know your history but you had a really dominating robot back for the FIRST Vex Challenge. Considering this comp predated aluminium, rack gears, and large omni wheels, they had a very impressive machine.


Hope you guys live up to that legacy this year!

Chris, ya it wouldn’t be any of the same guys from that team, but my brother is a senior this year and would have known a lot of those guys…I know we have quite a bit to live up to, but I think we’re up to the challenge! Is your team going to be at any of those competitions this year.

Unfortunately the team I was on at the time disbanded, so nope. :frowning: I know a few people that might be going, I’ll be sure to tell them about you guys.

Do you know what teams will be going to Rolling Meadows?

Chris, that sucks! sorry about that.:frowning: I know Syntax will be going to Rolling Meadows, and maybe one or two of our freshmen teams. Watch for them too, we had a really big freshmen class this year and have about 20 new freshmen doing robotics…

oh, I forgot to mention, if anyone was at the SMC competition last year, our
8th grade team was Infinity to the 8th, if you remember us…it’s the same guys this year (the number has been dwindled down), plus one senior…just thought you should know

I know that most of the guys from 355b and a couple from 355a Fox Valley Robotics will be there! Looking forward to seeing you all at Rolling Meadows (:

for sure Nuwbz! We made some major progress yesterday and have pretty much everything ready for next saturday…I’m getting excited!

Yeah, we have our final practice/build meet tomorrow, and we’re all really excited! :cool: And from the Robotevents page for Rolling Meadows, (http://robotevents.com/robot-competitions/vex-robotics-competition/wildstang-vex-robotics-competition.html), it looks like there’ll be at least 18 teams. And I quote: Spots Available: 6 of 24 :slight_smile:

cool, we have a meet tomorrow and one on wedensday. Hopefully we’ll have everything done tomorrow so we can focus on driving wedensday…

collin? lol

fail at rolling meadows