Hichschoolers and middle schoolers

I was wondering if high schoolers on a different team could help a middle schooler, because I know G2 states that parents can’t help, but can high schoolers help middle schoolers?

You mean like being a mentor. Yes that can be done. Just get the ok from the receiving schoo and go to it!!!


However, be aware that a parent and a high school student mentoring a MS team both have the same restrictions when it comes to G2. The HS mentor can no more directly do the build than the parent or coach mentor.

Read the student centered policy document for more info. https://www.roboticseducation.org/resources_library/student-centered-policy/

ETA - there is nothing that says a parent can’t be the coach / mentor and give educational guidance, btw. :slight_smile:


Ok, so I’m gonna bite on this. @Kellbones wants to know if they as a high school student can mentor the team, and there is a jump on about them building and G2 outs…

If I’m over reacting let me know, but I have a cadre of senior and junior HS mentors that want to do this. I’m pretty excited about having my juniors pushing back 6 years of VEX skillss back into elementary teams in VEXIQ. Again (I should really start counting this, I’m going to start at 513 times) YOU CAN’T JUST DUMP A KIT OF VEX PARTS ON A TEAM AND STAND THERE WITH YOUR ARMS CROSSED AND GO BUILD A ROBOT" Doesn’t work with VEXIQ, doesn’t work with VRC, it does’t work with life. All that does is create a huge frustration that VEX is stupid. We nurture kids/roboteers from birth, what would make you think that just dumping parts would be a good idea?"

I’m year 5 of elementary IQ, and I have VRC roboteers that want to go back and help out. I’m pretty excited. Teams in Lower Delmarva have MS team they mentor, yay them. I have HS teams in Upper Delmarva that are looking at capstone projects to lifting back to VIQ teams.

@TeamTX if that’s not want you wanted to say, then I’m sorry for have gone offside on you.

[Shout out to the discord people, they have missed a “Foster Rant” happy to live rent free in your brains for a few weeks]


Huh - I’m not sure where we missed on this. I certainly am all for students mentoring other students and strongly encourage that. My only point was that it sounded like they thought there was a different set of rules for that (presumably because they were older students rather than adults), but it is the same rules for all “mentors” regardless of age (or at least that is my understanding).

I’m sorry if it sounded like I was trying to discourage that! Definitely I think students should reach out and mentor others. :slight_smile:

I also definitely don’t encourage just dumping parts on kids… I believe strongly in mentorship, whoever does it.


Ok, sorry that I snapped back on this. I now think that you and I are hugely aligned that our Jr/Sr VRC students need to reach back and transfer 1/2 a decade of robot knowlege into upcoming VIQ people.

Watching you updates in realtime (love this site) , so this is an alignment, thanks for the post. We seem to think that more help is better, and I appreciate your support.


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