hiding variables from debugger?

I know it seems counter intuitive but I’m making a library that has a few variable that aren’t really important to be accessed by anything except the library. I tried making the variables static because I read that in ANSI-C it doesn’t allow code from other files to access the variable and hoped that it would also block them from the debugger. Since ROBOTC is not ANSI-C this did not work, they showed up in the debugger and could be accessed from other files. So can this be done?

If you make the variables local then the variables won’t be show up but I don’t know of a way to “hide” global variables

Can that be done without having the variables inside a function? There are more than one functions that need access to certain variables.

Local scope means inside the function.

There are several ways to do this properly in C++, but… We don’t get C++, so I might suggest storing the variables in a strict that way ROBOTC only sees the struct.

Add this near the top of your library.

#pragma systemFile

Thanks! I had read that you can do this but I completely forgot about it!