High Demand "Nothing but Net" VEX Parts

In order to help VEX EDS in planning for the upcoming season. I was wondering what teams thought might be the HIGH demand items for this year. If we give them some thoughts early in the season, perhap we may not see as many Not available notices on the web site.

I would like to start this thread with my thoughts. High Strength 84-Tooth Gear (4-Pack) P/N: 276-3438 and 393 Motor Turbo Gear Set (4-pack) P/N: 276-3527 combinations seem to be the sweet spot for wheeled throwers.

Tank Tread Upgrade Kit P/N: 276-2214 work great for ball conveyors. Would anyone else like to see the Tall Conveyor-belt Inserts and Conveyor-belt Base Links packed as a kit? I think this would be very helpful, then we could economically cut the Tall Conveyor-belt Inserts to any custom length. Mr. Copioli said at the New Product Release at the World Championship if teams would like any new products to contact VEX. So if you like this idea PLEASE email [EMAIL=“sales@vexrobotics.com”]sales@vexrobotics.com and let them know!

Lastly I think the Power Expander P/N: 276-2271 will be in high demand. Wheel throwers are going to be a huge draw on batteries. We experienced about a 10% increase in throwing distance just from adding a power expander to our designs.

What do you have to suggest for the VEX EDR team to stock up on for the new season?

I think we’ll get an uptick in this part from hardly used to used by a bunch…

The cam follower kit. May not be strong enough though…

For lifting robots, we may see an uptick in this specifically for the locking ratchet so you can stay lifted when power is cut.

And of course plenty of 393’s to burn out! Don;t want to run out of these again…

(Also, why was the MC29 /393 motor bundle discontinued? Is there a new motor or controller coming out?)](http://www.vexrobotics.com/vex/products/accessories/motion/276-2177.html )

I think the 5" wheels will be in high demand.

Wire Retaining Clips

Almost every team will be buying several packs.

I don’t know. Zip ties work pretty well and are a lot cheaper.

Gears… gears… gears… gears…
5" wheels even though they are discontinued