High elevation during autonomous?

Is it legal for two robots to perform a high elevation during autonomous? If so, would the 50 points count towards your autonomous score? 50 points would essentially guarantee a win for autonomous, so I was considering it.

Also, if a high lift in autonomous is legal, would the 50 points also count towards your overall score? I’m pretty sure that balls scored during autonomous count towards the final score, so I was wondering if the same applied to high lifts.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

So it’s legal to lift. The 50 points would be toward auto only. No the lift wouldn’t count for overall because points are counted at the end of the match. Since balls aren’t taken out those balls you scored in auto are still in the net

Have you ever seen a successful autonomous lift?

No I haven’t and lifting is rare enough in AZ so I don’t think I will ever see it here. We did pass by the idea but it just wasn’t viable for us

Oh alright, thank you!

I think one of the reasons high lifts aren’t possible (or attempted) during autonomous) is because you would have to use a ramp. At the beginning of the match, you (as in the lifting robot) can’t have a height greater than 18 inches, even in the climbing zone (the robot’s height, but not its height above the field). This means that only a ramp would be truly feasible, but you’d need a very good autonomous program to make that happen. And then at the beginning of driver control, you have to dismount the ramp, and the lifting robot has to retract the ramp or else be confined to the climbing zone for the entirety of the match. A low lift is slightly more feasible but still has the problems that occur at the start of driver control that I just mentioned - and then you only get a 10 point bonus (because the lift counts towards autonomous but not the match score, unless you lift again at the end of the match), which will be easily offset in the time you spend in driver control not scoring.

We had one in our league quarterfinals (teams had several weeks to plan with their partners). They won autonomous and then repeated the lift at the end. Unfortunately the autonomus bonus and high lift at the end were nearly the only points they had.

Did they win the match? I’m sure it was interesting to see at the very least.

They lost 229 to 66 (10pts auton, 50pts lift, 6pts low goal) against the #1 alliance. But it was exciting during autonomous and last 20s.