High Flags

High flags can be toggled only by hitting them with a ball. Your arm can not extend to toggle them. Is this correct?

This is clearly stated in the VEX Turning Point game manual and can be found here.
No part of your robot may contact either of the two higher flags. Only the ball can, so you are correct. :slight_smile:

Yes, it is.

If a rule said you can only toggle high flags with balls, then it is correct. It is also said IN THE MANUAL


I deleted my last response because I felt like it was a bit too harsh. I am pretty certain he read the manual but he is wanting to ensure theres no misinterpretations kind of like what happened with In The Zone with the mobile goal manipulation rulings. But on their defense I will say there is plentiful amounts of resources out there that can probably clarify this for you @JenTree

Could you lift a ball to touch the flag?

No, as you have to leave the expansion zone to do this and stay with in the 36" horizontal expansion limit

The game manual was very explicit with answering this question, so I recommend you take a look at that first before asking anything.