High Goal Chain Mounts

Quick question: during testing, my team has noticed that the chains on our high goals fall off of their twisty mounty thingys (for lack of a better name) at the top of the goal. I would just like to clarify, would this result in a violation of s1? I would imagine not, but I’d like to make sure. Note that they fall, and no elements are permanently damaged.

I think it would just be considered the GDC being cheap and not spend an extra 10$ to make it have some structure.

Otherwise, it will probably be up to the ref, but I would do a match replay if that happens.

Check out page 90 of the game manual (https://content.vexrobotics.com/docs/2022-2023/vrc-spin-up/VRC-SpinUp-GameManual-2.0.pdf) appendix A, allowable modifications. EP’s should be installing the appropriate zip-ties to the field to keep the chains from falling off.

GDC does not sell field elements, those come from VEX Robotics. Although there is a relationship between VEX Robotics, REC Foundation, and the GDC, they are not the same organization. In this case, the GDC put out a design that worked on paper, but in use doesn’t work well, so they provided a correction. Cut them some slack…not everything you design in your career is going to work perfectly, either.


G (Game) D (Design) C (Committee)
They designed the game, they made it poor quality there.
I know they don’t make it, but they should’ve added something else for support when designing it like cross beams or something.
I also know not everything I make will work, last season proved that. The part about the chains is fine, it works in theory. I have an issue with the top looking like a wet pancake and barely being able to support chain.