High Goal Distance

Hi everyone,
So since I don’t have a field I wanted to know the distance between the high goal and the wall.


Here is an img of what im talking about, the red lines indicate the distance I’m looking for

well its a 12x12 field and the tall goal is directly in the middle so, 6 feet from ethier side of the wall?

wait your talking IQ field im sorry i thought you were talking vrc

well i cant tell you that its a 6’ x 8’ field, if that helps

Not really because I already know that, I need the measurements from the blue wall thing to the tall goal

On the Vex IQ Competition page there is a Field Appendix with all of the dimensions for the game.


Yes I have already seen that before but it doesn’t tell me the distance

Longer field dimension
High goal center is 48.5.
The high goal is 10" wide.
48.5 - 1/2 the goal (5") equals 43.5 on the edge.
Lower goal wall is 34.4.
43.5 - 34.4 = 9.1" from the lower goal wall to the edge of the high goal. (8 ft length)

Shorter field dimension
36.5 center - 5" (1/2 goal width) is 31.5"
Lower goal wall is 26.5
31.5 - 26.5 = 5" from the lower goal wall to the edge of the high goal (6 ft lenth)

Check my math. I make mistakes



Uhh, im pretty sure the distance from the walls are not in feet

oh so the distance from the longer side is 9.1" and shorter is 5"

Thank you very much!

First, I love your name. Second, even though this is amazing information to have. (Sorry :pensive: ) what you need to do is…

Tension with rubber bands.
If you are using tension from rubber bands for a firing mechanism, then you just need trial and error. I can say, with a choo-choo mechanism, somewhere between 2-4 is needed (Dual firing: 3-6). Make sure that it is reliable before the competition. (This might help VEX IQ - Choo Choo Mechanism - YouTube )

High Hang And Dump
This is where the information comes in. You don’t need to use and fancy chute or anything. Just use an angle piece and then dump. Just remember, you can only hold two balls while off the ground. (Here: VEX IQ Pitching in 116 points Skill run with High Hang, Present by Team 271A Techno Turtle. - YouTube )

Thanks for reading! And good luck on your way to worlds! :1st_place_medal:

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Thanks you, but this doesn’t really help me with my answer


These numbers are correct. Just to clarify in a slightly easier way (from the given bird’s eye view):

The distance from the vertical wall (taller but not as long with the plastic sheet, also connected to the hanging bar) is 9.1”. The distance from the horizontal wall (short but longer) is 5”.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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Thank you for the clarafication