High hang during 15 sec autonomous

I was wondering if you could high hang with a beach ball during the 15 sec auton. So does the 20 point add into our alliance score and give us the 10 bonus auton bonus? And could you hang again at the end of the Match with a beach ball again and ear our alliance 20 points ?

Earn *****^^^^

Yes, it would help you win the autonomous bonus! I have seen one team do it, and they almost always won autonomous. However, you sacrifice the first seconds of the match getting down from the bar. Also, your high hanging lock (if used) must be able to disengage. This rules out most automatic locks.
Good luck if you try though!

@tim thank you ! We are able to get off the bar easily in about 4 secs ! Thanks for the information

It helps you win the bonus, but the points scored by hanging are “descored” when you come off the bar.