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Hi everyone,

We’re trying to build a high hang mechanism but not it’s glitchy. We have 2X2 Shaft Lock Plate to support the the hang but it breaks as soon as we attempt hanging. It’s just not powerful enough to hold the robot. Please see the photos and video below. What are we doing wrong? Thank you in advance.


If I understand correctly, the black piece is one of these image and you’re using it to hold the blue bar to the shaft. one idea is to remove it completely and attach the bar directly to the gear, my personal preference. That way you could attach it in more holes:
Screenshot 2022-03-11 5.16.04 PM
In order to keep that bar in the same place on the axle, you could just add one or two spacers between the green and tiny gears and move the big blue gears to the right accordingly.

If you really want that black piece, you could try using this kind of peg, with the cap on the right side of the blue bar. You would have to either find one that can go through four layers or only put the peg through one gear.


Thank you! We will try it tomorrow and let you know.

Thank you so much! It worked. We have a little problem. As seen in the video below, the high mechanism is tilted to one side. What could be the problem? Thank you in advance.


It seems like one side is limited higher than the other so I would recommend adding a limiter that ensures your lift goes to the exact same height on both sides. Also I would add supports in between the bars which would also help prevent tilting.


Thank you. What do you mean by the limiter? Could you please elaborate it further?

also make sure the motors are grouped on whatever coding platform u r using

Unfortunately, your teeth are off on one of your sides. You can fix that by either not having the shafts go all the way across or be more careful when you are putting it together.


How do you figure out that teeth are off? And on which bar do you think they are off?

A limiter is a simple structural part on your robot that prevents the 4 bar lift from raising past a certain height, or lowering below a certain height. I can show you an example with my teams robot if you wish.


Please do if you don’t mind. Thank you very much.

Here you are, as you can see our robot has limiters preventing it from going lower than a certain point, and from going higher than a certain point. They are very simple and do their job (the screw ones can get loose sometimes though) all it does is have the four bar hit it at a certain point and it prevents the four bar from going higher or lower. I hope this will help you fix your issue.


The pictures are also a little out of order too sorry about that

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Thank you very much! We will try it.

My team is having the same issue as well, the pins keeps on breaking and we are using 0x3 connecters, after high hanging two times it works but then starts breaking, any help is appreciated. My robot was woking, we went to us open and never broke a single time.

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