High Hang - is this an expansion violation?

My students are asking me if this is legal. I think it violates the height expansion rule but want to ask for clarification in case I am missing an exception. Thought?

The robot is allowed to go above the T, as long as it is not taller than 19" at any given time. Not sure what you are asking here.


Yeah, you’d need to measure it to be sure but it looks OK to me from that video. The critical dimension is the vertical distance from the lowest point of the robot to the highest point.


And note that per the Q&A the high is always measured perpendicular to the floor. In other words, the sizing box does not rotate with the robot.

Careful! G5a limits horizontal expansion to 11" x 19" and it looks as though the bot may expand longer than 19" when the lower lift arms are extended out to the low hang bar. At any point in the match, the bot must be able to fit inside an 11" x 19" x 19" rectangular prism. Great idea though!

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Yes, this is WELL beyond the 19" length! If you can shorten up the bot a few inches and tweak it, it may be able to work.

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Does this even count as high hanging, as there are arms on the second bar? or does that not count as be low that bar.

below the bar means below the botton edge i think


Yes, i think so too, but maybe some more discussion?

Rather than speculating, perhaps you should specifically read the definition of “high hanging” in the game manual. You’ll find it in the specific game definitions section. Let us know what you find out! :slight_smile: