High hang leaning to one side

Hi, we have a bit of a problem… We have a two motor high hang, but it always starts leaning to one side even though its completely symmetrical… Has anyone had this problem before and was able to get past it?

Our team had this and it was because our gear slipped. The way we fixed it was by doubling up the gears. And if this isn’t the solution could you send pictures

Hi, thanks for the reply! We can send pictures of only one side, because we “experimented” with the other side (we destroyed the other side), but yes we will send pictures. Thank you for the response!!

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Actually we did find the solution, honestly we just connect both sides with a metal rod so everything moves in sync.


I would say to do a little more investigating. The eternal law of vex: what can go wrong will go wrong and having a “fix” to the problem might lead to malfunctions. Prioritize it last though, since it does work

This really contradicts itself. If it works it works.

But I get your point; an janky fix can often lead to greater problems in the long run. But if you did come up with a good solution that works well, like it seems like the op did, you shouldn’t have any problems.

A “fix” meaning you did something that solved the problem, but you never understood what the problem was.if it was a weak piece of metal or plastic, for example, that problem still exists. That was kinda my logic

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