High Hang Motor

Hi everyone!
So while testing my high hang, it works fully, but after 3 attempts the motor can’t seem to bring the robot up, the past 3 attempts it works perfectly. Any fixes on this issue?

Btw my torque is 1:25, with the motors in the coding at 100% torque

Battery, It has to be that cause if batt
ery is not between the 100- 90 range it won’t work

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It’s important to make sure you are rubber banding it correctly. You know it’s good when it takes the same amount of force to bring it up as it does to bring it down (in general). However in this particular case since the amount of load on the arm changes because you are lifting the robot, you might want to rubber band it a little differently. Try different things and see what works.

Also, do you have the brain on the high climber, or is it on the actually body of the robot itself? If possible, I’d recommend putting the brain on the high climber. This is because the brain is such a major part of the robot’s weight, and so you are effectively lifying half the robot when raising the clover, and the other half when climbing, so it’s less load on the motor.

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Posted two times???

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This is very interesting; you mean that way it’s not super easy for it to raise the lifter and super hard to lower, but instead kinda hard to raise and kinda hard to lower? I hadn’t thought of that, but that’s a good idea. Also try triangle banding if you can; make it a flat triangle when it’s easy for the motors (in this case when it’s holding the lift up) and a equilateral triangle when it’s hard for the motors (in this case when it’s holding the robot up).

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Sorry, I had a glitchy internet connection and I got impatient


Hi sorry for the wait. So where exactly should I put the rubber bands on the climber? Could you send a diagram?

Sure. An equilateral triangle is just one where all the sides are the same length.

You want to make it easy on your motors to hold your whole seven-pound robot up there, so you add rubber bands pulling your lift down (and your robot up).

And you want to make the rubber bands stretched when the lift is up so that they pull to keep it down, so you make a flat triangle, since flat triangles have longer perimeters than equilateral triangles.


Thank You So Much! This helped a lot

beautiful diagram instead of just giving the answer you explained and showed how it worked.


Is the mechanism detachable easily? One thing we did on our robot was make it modular so we could replace parts easily, don’t know how much other people did that (our lift system was on 4, really 3 standoffs after all). If you can try to take it off and it doesn’t take all day (worlds is right around the corner) try to do some testing to see if it can lift some random scrap metal. See what the limit in weight is, and then that might help you see differences in how it works and pinpoint the problem area. I would suggest adding more rubber bands first though, then less.

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Hi, our robot can now high hang thanks to 242EProgrammer’s post 2 replies above. Thanks for the concern anyway!

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