High Hang pole dimensions

Hi, I am trying to figure out what the dimensions for the high hang pole are for this years tournament. Since our school cannot fully afford the field we are not able to test our robot as well as other teams. So, we decided to create a “makeshift field” out of tape and wood (for the fence) and are looking to buy some pvc piping or something to have a place to test high hang. Has anyone done this before, if so how did you do it?

The hanging pole is a standard 30 in PVC pipe with 2 3/8" outside diameter.

This is the standard 2" PVC pipe you can purchase at any hardware store (2" is ID, 2.375" is OD) quite inexpensively.

thanks you guys i was trying to find out what dimensions was for high hanging device

This is actually extremely useful. I think someone should make a post on how to make a Cheap Field, because not everyone has the $800-$1000 to spend on an actual Vex field. (Sorry Karthik, but that’s way too expensive for this high school student, otherwise I’d get official stuff)

@DylanTheTactician lots and lots of wood, plus some pvc for the hang pole, its not that hard

Official vex low cost field.

I’m told that this field is too inaccurate, and that you may have better results (and easier disassembly) with hinged wood 1x12" cut to the appropriate size. Add a couple brackets to keep the corners 90 degrees, and that could actually work really well. I haven’t tried myself, though.

see sheet 8 of 27 in Appendix A for this year’s game. You can download it here:


The pool is 30" high. The outside diameter is 2.375" and the inside diameter is 2.047"

I hope this helps.