High Hang Weight

Just wanted to know, whats the heaviest bot you’ve seen high hang? Or what is the heaviest high hanging robot you know of?

I believe 610X is well over 20 lbs.

Here it is in action.

At least among the ones I have seen.

Here is ours hanging.

Our first hanger weighed 19.45 lbs, but we had the pneumatic assist and Reverse rubber bands. If you have a 1:7, you should be fine as long as you are under 15lbs.

My old robot high hanged with about 20 pounds. The problem is that you kinda have to try to get a robot heavier than that.

There must be some kind of trick to it, 20 pounds lifting with just arms seems to stall lol

What is the ratio you tried and how many motors.

We’ve gotten our hang figured out, 2 motor 7:1 gear ratio. Just wondering how some of the heavier ones are doing it lol

My robot was at least 13 pounds. Lifted itself with a hook. Only used two motors. https://61a7cbc1-a-62cb3a1a-s-sites.googlegroups.com/site/brebeufjesuitrobotics/2013-year/11279383375_85f3ca38a9_c.jpg?attachauth=ANoY7cpfAwTQYCkgYXysDwevteMpQ_aBPpNSp6JzW3d_EGkBdAfRQHp822hdo6Al3cxWDS5g5uogoubR-8NS0ozWkbBKjZB5DRslPFSr8Z0lzbBmMj_XnnVPoqKd8fFJfbWfrElgVldQQWtiEO93mq4giyPDVJsdsmrfevPngP53lpwqh_86Tz62g5i4zn39KRyjV2f0MexVbztXufTFlWkSyEftJQy-Yd26RG0mnPtmfiz6zINVPsEON-bjOHuJxNX9taPUx7VE&attredirects=0


Based on the tournament i’ve been to, the heaviest robot hanging is 5203’s four stages vertical lift robot designed for high hanging with a large ball. That thing is heavier than 1103 and they say it is over 25lbs.

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