High Hang

So we competed today and one of our teams lifted and started going out of the perimeter they still were hanging but since the robot was out of the perimeter then they didn’t count it. I wanted to see if this is correct because they still won but in case this is happening to anyone else.

This is completely legal

so the hang would have counted

Only if it completely goes out of the perimeter does it become a potential problem, per <S2>. Otherwise, if it partly hangs out of the field perimeter, it’s legal. In your case, the high hang would have counted. See this ruling. Show this to your referees the next time they make a ruling like that, because they have to obey rulings from Karthik and the GDC. Also, remember to read through the Official Q&A for answers.

Thank you i was going to put it on here at that time but i had no internet.