High hang?

Does anyone know of a way to high hang with a slip gear lift system?

This seems to be the common way of hanging with slip-gears:

Otherwise you will probably need a separate mechanism, such as this:

Or this:

You could try to build a separate arm/lift, such at a 4 bar, that can start folded and compact, and then design a transmission to move the power from your scoring arm to your lift arm when you want to hang. I have not tried this, but one of the teams from my school is, and it looks like its possible.

like @Alex Baggins suggested you could probably get away with a one motor rack and pinion, if not use rubber band assist. It also depends on how much your robot weighs, one of our sister teams weighs about 20 pounds, but they use the lift I just talked about.

We were also thinking about creating a 1 motor rack and pinion, but we were concerned about the speed. How long does your sister team’s lift take to hang?

@Alex Baggins About five seconds because of their holonomic drive it is able to easily get the hook in the pipe. And because of the rubber band assist it is fast. But I will tell you it has locked up in the middle of lift because of how much stress it puts on the motor.

Nice and fast for 1 motor than.

Here’s a videolink text
they hang at about 2:09

Quite impressive for 1 motor, it looks like it would be easy to line up as well. Thanks for sharing.