high hanging rulles

states is coming up for many it was this weekend with the high hang being 12 points it is vital to have this to win state in my state. What are the rules with it when the 2 minute period is over and they cut the controllers your motors lose power and most high hang robots will come down does this still count or does it need a locking mechanism to when motors are cut from power it is still atached to the pole. Please add the rule and ideas the grab the pole thanks

You need a locking mechanism. At the end of a match your robot is put in disable, so all motors stop working, and the match is scored after everything comes to rest.

<G10> Scores will be calculated for all Matches immediately after the Match after all objects and Robots on the field come to rest.

Due to this rule, if it falls back down after the match, it doesn’t count.

Not exactly. See this ruling. The robot only has to remain stable on the pole long enough after the match for everything else to settle down in order to be counted. Even if it falls down 15 seconds after the end of the match, if all the other robots and the scoring objects came to a rest before this point, it would still be a high hang. (However, if it falls down before the rest of the field comes to a standstill, it does not count) A referee will typically be looking at the robot on the pole once it attempts the high hang and when the match ends to confirm it’s a high hang.

I use a 929X-style hang on my robot, with two motors instead of one. I don’t need a lock on my high hang, because the setup means that the motors are able to provide enough passive resistance to prevent my robot from falling down. It has to do with the weight of the robot though.

If your robot is light enough, you could be able to hang without any aid of a locking mechanism.

An alternative is that if you are going with the reverse dumper hang, you can design your center of gravity to allow you to stay hanging just from gravity. One of our club teams could do that (not sure if they still can).

Our approach has been a gravity-powered lock mechanism instead; essentially, the changing orientation of the robot allows a simple hook to change orientation and engage while we are on the hanging pole.

Can you share any pictures? I’ve tried envisioning a system like this but haven’t really managed to figure one out.

jpearman used that technique in the triangle drive robot he posted a while ago. Here Basically the COG gets past the joint between the arm and the tower and gravity starts pushing in the way you would want it to go, rather than back down.

Here is a video of our team’s high hang. We know the poll is in the wrong place. Some nubes put it up after our last competition.

This robot weighs 10 pounds with both batteries. The lift is 1:5 with 6 high speed motors. The center of gravity is such that once it is almost completely up, it will stay there.

why dont u use your claw to lock u in place?

No need. That is one more motion. The more things you have to do to hang, the more that can go wrong. What if a claw motor is burned out or the motor comes unplugged or the claw gets damaged in the match? By not depending on the claw to lock it, it gives a better chance to hang and to do it quickly.

The video was from one of the first times trying with the newest setup. Now, they are able to hang within 2.5 seconds of hitting the corner. It takes less than 1 second once the robot starts going up. It takes just under 2 seconds if one of the lit motors is disconnected due to the additional resistance and the reduced power. It can high hang with two of the motors unplugged, but they have not timed it.

For scoring close calls on the high hang I was going to suggest using a piece of dental floss pulled tight across the corner of the field and make a pass under the robot.

That is a great idea. That would be a great way for refs to see if it is a high hang or not. Of course it needs to be done from the two sides and not act the actual corner because the robot does not need to be above the gusset that holds the post. It can actually be on it as well.

Are you only allowed to hang in the last 0:30 seconds of the match?

No. You may hang at any point during the match, even during autonomous.

No you may hang any time during the match, as long as you’re hanging at the end of the match. See this official ruling on this exact same question.

You don’t have to be hanging at the end of the match. For example, you could hang in auto, but not during driver control.

Hanging in auto only counts towards the autonomous bonus. It does not credit you with the 12 points for the match overall. To get those 12 points, you need to be hanging at the end of the driver control period.

Yes, you only get the 12 points if you are hanging at the end of driver. But you are allowed to hang at any time without being required to be hanging at the end.

Ah I see where the confusion came from. You’re correct.