High Hanging

I saw 10D high hang in practice today. I’ll have to see if I can find a picture around here somewhere…

thanks way to make us even more nervous :wink:
our partner team is making their final tweaks for high hang too
see you at the competition
guess now is the time to “show off” and psych everyone out :slight_smile:
(our mentor was just waiting for all our forms and money to be handed in -.-’)

We have had 2587z (DiscoBots) high hanging for a month or so. The hanger will be on full display at Houston VEX on Nov. 13th.

The students have tweaked and practiced the procedure to get a reliable hang in 10 seconds. (using a 16ish:1 gear ratio with two 393)

Rookie team 5678 will also be there, they are putting up huge 100+ point driver skills scores at the practice field.

We will have 48 teams and hopefully post a ton of pictures ! http://houston.vexevents.org/

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