High Pitched Motor Noise

We currently have motors (two of them) that are making a high-pitched screeching/ whine noise and will not spin or move whatsoever.

One of them makes the high-pitched noise only when we press the button. The other one continuously screeches. These motors were bought just a few months ago and used for one competition and a couple of practices.

We’ve tested changing ports, connecting to different parts of our robot and seeing if it’ll work, changing the program, changing the cartridges, changing the wire, cooling it down by spraying compressed gas, and giving it time. For one of the motors, we’re pretty sure we overworked it because of an issue in the code. However, we’re unsure as to why our second motor broke. We seem to have a lot of static on our field when we practice since we touch the robot and get shocked a lot after running it around. The static has only happened for one day though, and not in the past. We’re not sure if that contributes to the breaking of our motors. We’ve tried a ton of ideas and wondered if there are any last troubleshooting ideas that you guys know at all before we officially determine our motors as broken. We have a competition tomorrow and it just broke today, and we have no spares because we’re broke…

Your motors are probably broken had the same thing happen to me. But check your warranty if your warranty is still available then Vex will replace the motors at no cost i think. Here is the link for the warranty policy.



The same thing happened to one of my motors. After opening it up, I found that it was the gearing in the motor housing that was causing the noise. The gear cartridge worked just fine so I just needed to replace the motor housing.


I think there was too much tension on the motors and they crapped out on you- If not- are there spacers where the motors are? you should never have metal rubbing on metal for that reason.

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