High Quality String

Where can I get some high quality string for VEX. Needs to be 1/8th inch. Thanks

We picked some up at Ace Hardware and was in spec. Worked just fine.

Any online sources for string and long lasting/ reliable rubberbands?

Same here, I am also using the same string for a physics project that is stressing the string a lot and it is holding up well

I just got some 1/8" nylon braided string from Home Depot, and it seems to be holding up extremely well. Try some local retailers.

eBay and Amazon if you want to get it online. But just go to Walmart, Home Depot, craft stores, Staples, pretty much everywhere you can get string or rubber bands.

We have different types of rubber bands at Robosource.net, but currently no string because it is so easy to get anywhere.