High Rise for VEX IQ: Pitching In

This is a place to discuss ideas for completing the high rise for VEX IQ: Pitching In. So far, my team has gotten stuck with this issue because each time we try to lift up the robot, it will hit the plastic sheet and then get stuck underneath the low bar. In past challenges that had similar problems to solve such as Next Level, robots were able to hang underneath the bar, with no plastic sheets stopping them. I think it could be possible to complete the high rise if something was pushing the robot away from the lowest bar, but that would require another motor that we don’t have. Anybody have any ideas about how to solve this efficiently?

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What my team is doing i, so we have our high hang claw, which folds out from the robot, when it folds out, a hinge folds out with it and the hinge pushes the robot off the sheet

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One thing you could do is have a set of wheels, attached to the robot, that “ride” the plastic sheet in between the 2 hanging bars. This is similar to what teams did in FTC Roger Ruckus:

(The wheels allowed them to have low profile hanging mechanisms while being able to hang in a short amount of time).


Although there are several ways to high climb, I would not even suggest going for the high climb until you can score all, or at least around 2/3 of the balls on the field (if you are doing in-person events). This is because high climbing is worth so few points. High climbing is worth less than two balls in the high goal, and will probably take much more time than scoring two balls in the high goal. Since you have a full field of 22 balls all to yourself for LRT, you should be able to score them all before thinking about high climbing (for LRT). For in-person tournaments, especially early in season you should make sure that you can score all 22 balls between your alliance before going for a high climb. You should plan on scoring most of them, so that you can guarantee that you can score a lot of them, and not rely on your partner to do a lot because you won’t get a partner who can in every match. And honestly an average score of around 142 every match will probably win many events, especially early in season. If you are going for the high climb, I might suggest looking at FRC 2016 (especially the higher level teams and the teams on Einstein).


High hanging is a necessity for my team’s current robot, we get closer to the high goal so we can score the balls, and score them faster.

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Honestly it might be helpful if you post a picture of your hanging mechanism so that we can further help you solve your robot’s problem


Right now my hanging mechanism is basically the same as the ones used in Next Level, so I am adjusting it

@ReMiSyS this is our idea too. I think just getting all the balls then going for high hang will be best

Could you be a little more specific or send a picture? I’m not sure that I understand what you mean. Also, I’m having trouble with the high hang, and I’m looking for ideas on how to do it.

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Right now it’s just an arm with hooks. I’m working on the ball intake and storage, so it might be a little while before I get to the high hang.