High school with middle school teams

I am sure this has been answered before but i can’t find it. My question is, can a high school student be a part of a middle school team? I was told, or read it somewhere that a high schooler can be on a middle school team as long as the high schooler does not drive the robot at competitions. I am looking for the answer to this from someone in charge. Thanks for helping clear this up.

By “someone in charge” I assume you mean someone from the RECF or Karthik (although JPearman is pretty much in charge here, too) in which case you should probably ask in one of the “official” forums:
Skyrise Q&A
Worlds Q&A

This thread should basically answer your question


In short, the only official requirement regarding participation on a middle school team is who drives the robot, so it would be entirely legal for a high school student to be on the team (either in a mentoring or building role) provided they not drive the robot.

Whether or not they SHOULD participate, and to what extent, is a different question that should be addressed on a case by case basis, however as far as the rules go any level of participation (other than driving the robot) is permissible.

Most definitely not in charge, I leave that to the forum moderators who work hard behind the scenes to keep everyone in order. I also never answer officially, but it is true that on technical aspects I usually have a stong opinion.

I know you’re not really in charge but you do play a significant role in making the forums tick and you are revered by most of the users and (and I know this isn’t what counts, but still) you have more posts than anyone. :slight_smile:
Anyways I just meant it as a joke

In the interest in being on topic: andersonmatt, are you wanting to just help out the team, or are you looking to coach them but not drive at competitions?
If the prior then like PYRO said, your good. As for coaching as a drive team member and handling skyrise sections, that may or may not be allowed.

Based on my understanding of the rules, being a drive team coach would (obviously) be allowed, but you would be prevented from handling the Skyrise sections in the same way an adult coach would be.

Even when middle school teams aren’t competing in their own division?

If that were legal, then I don’t see why drivers would have to be in Middle School. This is actually reaching a very interesting gray area, I’ll just post to the Q&A forum and get an official wording on it because I’m curious to know.

It’s my understanding that the only times a team needs to fit the criteria for a middle school team are when competing in a middle school division, or when being considered for MS-only judged awards, like the Middle School Excellence Award, at a high school tournament. In all other cases it shouldn’t matter whether the drivers and coaches are middle school or high school age.