High scores in Texas

I was just looking at some scores popping up from south Texas and I saw a 555 point match by 1429a. My guess is that since this is impossible to fit that many balls in a goal, that they opened the goal at the bottom. What do you think?

Link: Robot events

I don’t think you can get 555 points.

30 green on the field - 150 points
10 orange on the field - 100 points
32 preload/driver loads - 160 points
Full lift - 50 points

460 points if they totally owned and scored every ball. For 555 they would have had to intercepted 19 of the other teams driver loads.

Am I missing something? Although the other team only scored 19.

There are a total of 104 balls on the field, take away the 32 driver/preloads and that makes 72 balls left and 360 points. Though the goal can not hold that many, it can only hold about 60 balls. They also scored 456 and 331 points in other matches.

But 10 of those 72 balls are bonus balls.

So you have 62 x 5 = 310 points.
And 10 x 10 = 100 points.
In total, 410 points.
With a high lift, that would be 460 points.

That’s the highest possible amount for a single alliance to score without stealing driver loads from the other alliance and maintaining full control of the field. If this score were completely legitimate, that would mean that the opposing alliance shot a lot of driver loads short of the goal and 1429A worked with their alliance to pick them up and shoot them. Even then, the nets would have to be open.

Looks like KAOS is back in form.

Ya, makes me want to just go over there now, though I did notice they were very inconsistent, They had 331, 555, 43, 456, 53 points.

Are you actually going to go because I see that both of you live in the same state? :slight_smile:

No, sadly I will not :frowning: , hopefully there will be some videos.

the two alliances could have made an agreement to score all of the balls into the same net

If it was me, I would not score for the other team on purpose to loose :frowning: . But who knows, but they did get very high scores in 3 matches.

I’m not convinced these scores are real, especially for qualification matches at the beginning of the day. Seeing as I blacklisted an event in Mexico on VexDB for a 472 score (https://vexforum.com/index.php/conversation/post/140757), I’m going to do the same for this event unless someone can explain the score or the Event Partner fixes it.

This means this event’s data won’t appear on VexDB including pages like the highest match scores

My team and I are going to the South Texas regional and the highest programming skills we have found so far was about 150 points. The highest match we encountered had about 230 points. These numbers are bogus 100%.

I don’t think I would count this as definite proof because when 400x came to north Texas they scored 365 points, usually south Texas has some good scores. Though I would agree that most likely there is something messed up with the scores.

Maybe the scores were suppose to be 55, 43, 45(or 56), and 53.

Thanks for this Nathan. It’s good that we have someone quick checking the more outrageous scores so that regardless of how the qualifications work out there is good scouting data for everyone.

365 and 555 is a big difference.

We almost got a score of well over 400 early in the season because the ref accidentally mixed up green balls and bonus balls, and the score keepers didn’t know enough about vex to catch the mistake. I missed it, but luckily our alliance partner caught the mistake :slight_smile:

Well, what happened was that we scored so fast and cleaned the floor, that the referees allowed us to go to the other field that was set up and continue to score with the remaining time left on the clock.

I am 99% sure that isn’t legal :confused:

Yes, this is so true.

But honestly, what was the actual score of the match, if it was not 555.

First time Referees. They added up the score and then turned that number in to the scoring table, which then multiplied that by 5. So the actual score was around 111. The score discrepancy didn’t affect the match outcome, nor the rankings, so it wasn’t changed. We re-trained them on how to properly turn in the ball count only.

It was good for a laugh though. I was wondering if anyone was going to see it.