High Speed 393 Motor Confusion

My team 3217C has been using high speed motors for months now and the only time that they have over heated is in a 10 minute reactive driving practice. All the sudden on the 21st our motors have been over heating every time we drive it, the base motors cannot last through a 1 minute driver skills run. There are 4 motors in a standard base, if anyone has any idea of what could be happening I would appreciate it.

Friction, pull the axel out of the motor and see if the wheel will free spin. If it doesn’t, then you need to loosen up your structural support and realign it so that it can spin freely, then tighten.

Thanks for the help, we had tried everything to fix it. We replaced the motor controllers, the power expander, and we took off the motors and rebuilt them as we pulled the axels out and checked for fiction in the base.

I assume you could not put this down to a change in driving speed, skill and aggressiveness? Though it does seem weird, the way you drive you seriously change the load on the motors and affect the time taken for the PTC’s to trip.

Also, How has the weight and weight distribution changed on your robot? Changing that could have put undue stress on all or some of your motors (for instance if the front if being lifted up and spinning freely, leaving the bottom to power your drive).

The speed at which they are tripping is insane though.