High Speed Base Stalling

Hello everyone. We are running a 4 high speed motor base with one to one ratios on the wheels. We have been having a stalling issue, so our programmer cut the speed value down to 2/3 of the 127 speed value. We are carrying the mobile goal as many others are with a 4 high speed motor base, but any ideas on how to fix this? We have the base split evenly along both breakers on the cortex.

Well I would suggest weight and friction reduction, how much does your robot weight right now?

The entire robot is aluminum, with the exception of wheels, gears, etc, so I do not believe that we could reduce weight, friction however is good. Any suggestions on how we could reduce friction?

Also, if i am not wrong on this, reducing speed also reduces torque, it will burn out faster. For suggestions, you are going to have to send pictures of your base.

I agree with sending pictures as @Duke4221c suggested. Reducing friction is best done by disconnecting the motors and seeing if the mechanism Is free spinning. Use teflon washers EVERYWHERE. Also use bearings everywhere. This helps a lot (speaking from experience)

Ok will get right on and that and let you all know

I do believe that you are correct @Duke4221c, lowering the power will cause more issues with stalling. At least that is my experience.
As for friction, I try and get my wheels to spin for a good 10-15 seconds (no motor or chain attached, just the wheel). All that being said, we are using 6 HS motors on our drive, so I can’t really comment on the success of using only 4.

Reducing speed would rather increase torque. Peak torque at 0 rpm :).

Yes, max torque would be at 0 rpm, I agree… Max power should be somewhere around 50% according to this thread . I am not an expert by any means, I just was stating my experience with the power curves from a driver feeling perspective.