High Speed Mecanum or High Speed Omni Tank?

Hello everyone,

After analyzing the games which have been played for spin up, our team has decided that the most optimal drive base is one which is a fast one which can outmaneuver opponents. The only question I ask is which do you think is more optimal a mecanum drivebase which is geared to increase speed on each wheel or an omni drivebase whose wheels are all geared together and the motors spin with a larger gear to create higher speeds. Please share your thoughts below.


from personal opinion, 6m tank drive is super easy, super powerful, and super speedy. were running 6m 450 rpm on 2.75 inch wheels.


no way same but we are going to rebuild to get something with more pushing power

wait how do i change my team or name

you’re wanting more pushing power? that’s insane, at our last comp we pushed literally everyone.