High Speed Motor Gear Ratios

Hello people,

I’ve been building on our new bot, we’ve got a few older 393 motors as well as a few newer ones - I noticed that the high speed gears that come packaged with the different motors looks a little bit different. Would it be ok for me to run these motors linked together?


It would not be a bad Idea to try them out. But honestly I think they would run differently.

@Aliencow974 How would you recommend trying them out?

As long as the motors are both 393 and have the same internal ratio, you should have no problem linking them together.

Make a test bench that looks like a hoverboard (the one with 2 wheels) and power one wheel with the new gears, and the other wheel with the old gears. If it turns, then one is a different ratio. OR, you could just count the teeth on each gear and call it a day.