High Speed Motor Option

I was trying to open up one of the high strength motors (393) to change out the gearing to make it a high speed motor. However, it seemed pretty hard to unscrew the case, and I didn’t want to strip the screws. Has anyone else had stubborn screws when trying open up the motor? What did you do to overcome them?


While working on our motors we have run across a tough screw once in a while. I don’t really know of a “trick” other than be sure the screw driver is correctly sized and don’t rush it. One time, worst case scenario, the screw head did get stripped. I used a small flat screw driver in the stripped phillips head screw, and was able to loosen the screw and remove it. I then replaced the screw with another screw salvaged from an old motor. Good luck.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

I find that most people use a Phillips driver that is too small on the motor cases. Find a real #1 driver and use that – they work pretty well as long as you press down firmly as you turn it slowly.

Thanks, that worked really well! :slight_smile: