High Speed Motors timing out??

SO our flywheel has four high speed motors and one side will stop turning after about a minute, then a minute later so does the other side. Would this be the motors timing out or what could it be??

Could it smply be a case of one side has more friction than the other, and the motors PTC tripped?
And since one side is down, the other 2 motors’ PTC will tripped after a while as well?

Of course I am assuming there is nothing wrong with your code.

What ratio of external gears are you using also?

Yeah our code is fine, I’ll check the tightness of the launcher…my external ratio is a 84:12 *84:36, so with high speed motors it just work well…

I would say then you have an excess of friction somewhere in your launcher cause I’m running a higher ratio than that and I haven’t had an issue with it burning out.

It sounds like a problem of friction, but just in case, how many wheels are you spinning? If you have a lot of wheels, it could be too heavy to spin for long periods of time.
Also, can you post a picture of the launcher?

We found on our dual flywheel that after spinning for a few seconds, on side of the launcher would start using all 7.2 volts of the battery instead of sharing it equally with the other side. What we ended up doing is putting each half of the launcher on a separate battery via power expander. I hoped this helps.

Also, do your gears spin freely? If not, hat may be a reason for one half of your launcher for claiming all of your battery.

Your gears should be able to spin freely for about 15 seconds if you disconnect the wheel and motors. This really does sound like an issue with friction, check your axles are straight, your motors are fine still running well, your flywheel is built well etc. It can really make the difference between a perfectly working flywheel and a pile of stalling (usually caused by PTC’s tripping) gears and motors and wheel(s) thats useless to you :smiley: