High speed on aluminum traybot?

we have a all aluminum traybot and we are planning to use high speed motors on our drive. What yall think?

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Aluminum is better, but you have any pics or any other information for. This is very ambiguous

Do you think using high speed motors on a light weight robot is good for this years game?

high speed (600 RPM) is really fast and hard to utilize fully without running into things. If it’s a really light robot it’s an option but you still risk burning out easy.

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Defense will be the end of you. Any impact will send you spinning out

Yea I wouldn’t recommend 600. You could gear 200 up 2:1 or 3:2 but with the importance of defense this year, it might cause problems.

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Can you explain a little more about why it would be bad to use 600 rpm and the affects it would have?

well, 600 rpm is probably way faster than you’d ever want tbh. and I’d be surprised if a 4m 600 rpm drive will even move for 2 minutes without stalling.


Imma be honest here. After we switched to a 4 motor default rpm drive (the green insert forgot the number) we had many issues regarding having way too much speed. With a robot pushing 25lbs, we still had to right code to allow the driver to adjust their max speed just because of how fast our drive was and therefore uncontrollable at certain instances. With 600 rpm motors, not only would you have an insane amount of speed, but you also run a considerably higher risk of burning out ports and/or your motors all together not because of speed but just overall lack of torque. I would highly recommend using the default inserts and if you insist on making your drive even faster, create a motor block exclusive gear ratio (as in use sprockets or gears).

Thanks for the advice

how could you gear 3:2 or is that sprockets

I assumed that he meant an 18-tooth sprocket driving a 12-tooth. With the gears Vex provides, by themselves, you cannot make a ratio with an even number. However, you could get pretty close with a 5:7 gear ratio with an 84-tooth gear spinning a 60-tooth gear.

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I put 4 turbo (600RPM) motors on a clawbot base, and yeah, I’ll let you figure it out, but let’s just say it could go 45 yards in under 7 seconds.

That’s ~12mph…

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