High Speed Option: Does it really work?

I found instructions online for the high speed motor option. It seems pretty complicated to do. However, if it works really well, it will be worth the time. Has anyone used the high speed motor option before, and how well does it work?

Just follow this PDF. The VEX 393 Motors have the option to be set into a 1.6:1 speed ratio. It works very well, a lot of teams had the 1.6:1 ratio on their robots last year.

The only thing that might be tricky is taking out the motor casing screws. In my experience they strip really easily, so make sure you are using the right screwdriver.

Putting the motors in high speed is very effective, and quite simple to do.

Just make sure you consider whether or not you want certain motors to be high speed first as it reduces their torque. For example, you almost certainly should not use high speed motors on your lift.

Well this seems to be a very broad statement.

Several teams run 1:1 rack and pinion scissor lifts and changing to HS would be a reasonable change.

Also several teams have done HS 1:7 or 1:15 to get 1:4.375 and 1:9.375 respectively. Both of which can be seen on robots.

High Speed is just a gear ratio like any other.

OK fair enough, I should have though about it more.
I was mostly thinking in context of them building the elevator lift from the curriculum as mentioned in another thread. Then again, I suppose high speed would still work depending on how many motors they have and how tall it reaches.
I would say that new teams shouldn’t be building compound gear ratios, so if they built an arm, they would generally want high torque.

Nonetheless, they don’t want to go slapping high speed on everything just because its “faster.” That was my point.

+1 to this.

Higher torque needs means current spikes which can lead to PTC trips. And that leads to dead in the water robots.

See this oldie but goodie thread…

My team 81M (among others) learned this the hard way last year.

So while it can work for short bursts, make sure you can compete all day…

High speed motors give you more freedom for gearing. We use 8 high speed motors on the robot, 4 for direct drive and 4 for a 1:21 scissor lift. In terms of regular motor, it is 1:13.125. Changing the gearing does not seem to cause extra trouble for us. So if you feel like the motor can handle the speed, go for it.