High Speed & Turbo Motors

Is there a big difference between high speed and turbo motors on a flywheel? Or is is just a small amount? Please reply as soon as possible because I need to get my new robot finished by the end of this week.

It’s a difference between 160 rpm to 240 rpm. So yes, it will make quite a difference if the external gearing is identical.

Do you think that 7:1 gear ratio with two high speed motors will work consistently for up-close shots?

No, on a 4" wheel the balls won’t even make it in at the bar.


On one of my team’s previous designs we used a 7:1 external ratio on two turbo motors, creating a 16.8:1 ratio. The flywheel itself was two 4" wheels, the standard wheels that are used on Clawbots. The two turbo motors created enough power for the flywheel to have a spin-up rate of less than 1 second, even though we lowered our motor power to 100. This design functioned great as a bar-shot shooter, but I would definitely suggest a higher ratio if you want to shoot any further than the bar.

So a 7:1 gear ratio will only work with turbo motors for up-close shots?

Yes, that or higher ratios.

What would you suggest since mine is very similar to your 8 motor drive robot.

This is not accurate. A 7:1 with high speeds will easily make close shots…easily. It will not make full courts as far as I know though.

We have a 7:1 with turbos internal and have to have the thing darn near off in order to not overshoot the goal when near the bar. I have no doubt high speed internals would be good enough if you only want to shoot from the bar.

Okay since people are telling me its not going to work

And some people are telling me it will work

Can someone PLEASE prove one of these to me. =(

You are probably best off doing the testing yourself. If you know one of the two has to work, then it’s as simple as changing the internal gears at most once. We can’t always be giving you the answers straight off the bat.

I guess you’re right I’ll do that first thing tomorrow.

Would turbo motors work well with a full range slip gear puncher? We are running a double puncher, but would like to get the match loads off fast.

I don’t think it would have enough power.

It really all depends on gear ratio, and the strength of the elasticity in the rubber bands you are using. For full field, I’m guessing your elastics have quite a lot of power, so direct drive turbo motors definitely wouldn’t be able to power it. Turbo motors on a 1:3 external ratio will probably be able to handle it depending on your design and overall build quality.

I personally have seen a double flywheel with a 1:7 gearing ratio, internal turbo motors and 5" flywheels shoot full court.

I have found the answer. A 7:1 is able to shoot full court. BUT, it depends on compression.

7:1 on high speed, turbo, or torque?


Yes, we have been running this setup all year and one of our teams has yet to lose a tournament. (4149C)